Joomla Tutorials for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Benefits.

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ImageThere are several types of Joomla tutorials that will teach you how to configure your Joomla templates and use this popular open source software to build your website.


1. Reading Joomla tutorials in the form of forums, PDF files and books and


2. Joomla video tutorials.


Joomla tutorials, through forums and eBooks etc can be difficult to understand if you are not a programmer and don’t have a basic language of web development.


Joomla video tutorials, especially the professional grade training videos, are easier to follow and understand. Joomla video tutorials allow you to configure and build as you learn by watching how the various elements are done and performing the tasks as you go. This is definitely the most cost effective and time effective method of learning Joomla.


Now it is possible for small business owners to very affordably design your own business functioning websites. Videos also provide the small business owner with the option to easily train your admin staff to configure and manage your Joomla website without losing downtime in your core business, or having to pay a Joomla web developer to configure your site for you.


Joomla Open Source Software


For those not familiar with Joomla Open Source software, it is software in the form of pre developed templates or custom made templates issued under general public license. This means it is either free or might cost a small fee of $5-$65 for the more fancy templates.


Behind the scenes of a Joomla template is a newsletter server, database and mass email capability, email capture forms plus a whole lot of other plug-in features you can add to your site’s functionality. Free shopping card plug-ins, membership site and video streaming plug-ins all make it possible to put together a highly functional and scalable website.


So much comes for free or a very small fee it leaves the configuring and installing to the end user – a Joomla Web Developer, You or your staff. Joomla tutorials, particularly video tutorials bridge the gap that saves you both time and money as a Joomla configuration is not particularly user friendly to the lay person until you know the process. Then it is really easy. It can take your weeks to figure out how to use with traditional training.


The benefits of Joomla video tutorials are many, here are the main ones:


1. You can actually build your website as you learn how to do it. This saves you expensive downtime for your staff in training.


2. You can pass the videos on to your staff to configure for you which saves you expensive web developer fees.


3. If your staff changes you won’t lose your time in re-training as you have the videos to do that for you. This brings the cost and timing involved in training new staff to a minimum.


If, in these economic uncertain times you are looking to bring the total cost of ownership of your website down or looking to begin your web presence from scratch, I highly recommend you consider using Joomla open source software using Joomla Video Tutorials geared for small business owners, rather than the traditional joomla tutorials, to help you through the process. The combination certainly has everything you need for a whole lot less than any other option.




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